RIP To These 6 Protein Myths 

“I am going to be soooo bulky with all that protein!”
“Can you even digest more than 30g of protein at a time?

I know there are plenty more quotes that you have probably heard…

So please continue reading to put an end to this:

1. “I don’t want to be jacked… Why do I need protein?”

Let’s be real here and start this off quick… Those that have actually tried to put on serious mass know it takes YEARS and I mean DECADES to put on a solid muscular frame. Drug-free.

No one, and I mean nobody got extremely jacked by accident. Although, that would be nice…

Don’t be afraid to throw in another chicken breast or a burger patty on the grill.

2. Are protein shakes good for me?

A protein shake is just a supplement to a protein in a food source. Hence the word, supplement. There is no magic behind it. You should always aim to hit your protein target from whole protein sources, first.

Now, I understand that a majority of us are busy individuals and are on the go more than not. That doesn’t mean live off of them, but if need be, supplement with a quality protein source that isn’t jam packed with additives and “glamorous” marketing BS.

Make sure you’re not living off of them and focusing on whole protein sources first.

3. “30 grams of protein is all that can be absorbed per meal! … I think?”

The myth was created that our bodies only need 30 grams of protein to successfully stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Well, whether we fully absorb the protein or not isn’t related to muscle protein synthesis. Whether I eat triple chicken and steak from Chipotle doesn’t mean my body will stop at 30 grams of protein digestion and look to get rid of it whatever is left…

When you’re finished eating a meal, it takes time to digest! That is also where protein’s thermodynamic component comes into play. As you’re digesting your protein, your metabolism is temporarily raised 20-30%.

So eat up!

4. Do I need a protein shake immediately after working out?

Protein shakes directly after training used to be the golden bro standard. If you’re a higher level athlete and trying to really optimize your performance and recovery, then it will be vital to have one, post-workout.

But… there’s the 98% of the rest of us. So how important is it really?

Honestly, do you want to be like Tommy Toughnuts in the locker room, swinging his big protein jug around after his workout? Setting it up on the bench to let everyone know that he is about to take his brotein shake!

At the end of the day, it matters where you sit with your daily overall protein intake over a protein shake after a workout.

Post workout nutrition is important! But, I am not saying it’s the end of the world if you miss out on the “golden window”. If you want to have a shake, have one at this time. If you want to have some chicken, have it. Food is just slower digesting than protein shake. (shocker) But, this is ultimately the best time for a shake.


5. Are nuts a good source of protein?




Nuts, peanut butter, cheese, milk, quinoa do not have a primary source of protein. Yes, they do contain protein! But a small amount and most of their nutrients are derived from carbs or fats.

Please, oh pleaseeee don’t make them a primary source!

6. So… How much protein do I need?

With all things fitness and especially nutrition… it depends! To keep it in simple overview, here is a brief description of recommendations.

For Fat Loss: 1g-1.5g grams per pound of lean mass
      -While cutting back calories, as mentioned above, the thermodynamic effect that protein has helps with raising metabolism, keeps you full, and helps maintain muscle.

For Muscle Gain: .8g-1.2g per pound of body weight
      -Muscle gain still is a hair lower on the protein side but is still extremely important! You’re getting more calories from carbs and possibly fats during a muscle gain phase.

For Maintenance: You can keep it low around .6g if you choose or around 1g per pound of body weight.

Like I said, it all depends on the specific individual!

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