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Training Mentality With Nick Krantz


It all starts at the TOP! Where you body goes, your mind will lead it. You have to be aware of what YOU are allowing to be filtered in. What get’s filtered in, will be reflected out.


Training is the passenger to the driver of nutrition. Creating movement with your body maximizes brain power. When you are able to push yourself in the gym, that translates to pushing yourself all areas of life.


Morale can sway like a balloon in the wind. Might even want to pop when it hits the building. You can have mental momentum that can either go forward or backward. But you decide the direction!

Who Is

Nick KrANTZ?

  Nick has been smashing donuts for as long as he can remember. Transitioning from a “skater punk” of 10 years to playing sports was a drastic change. After gaining 65lbs of muscle in 4 years, he not only transformed his physique, but his mind.

  After 14ish concussions, shoulder surgeries, his collegiate football career came to an end early. So, he wanted to help others maximize their minds and optimize their bodies.

  Now, he helps others overcome adversity, learn to eat the foods that they love while still crushing their fitness goals and most importantly, being a family man to his beautiful wife and 2 kids.

Clarity. Connection. Correction. Conquer.

Real Work.
Real Results.

Client Testimonials

“He is the GOAT! He has helped me lose over 25lbs in under a year! The weight is amazing, and all I wanted at first, but I realized there is a lot more to it. Nick helped me grasp a better understanding of being able to enjoy time with my friends and family and still be able to achieve my goals. That started with a better understanding of nutrition, clarity of what I wanted, and being consistent. I’ve worked with him over a year now and don’t play on stopping!

Mikaela Lengal

“I was really in a funk and realized I was not the same “athlete” I once was. I needed some guidance and knew Nick was the guy to go to. Not only did he help my transformation physically, but mentally just being able to be stronger with my mindset, too.”

John Nagle

“I reached out to Nick in the fall because I really wanted to feel strong again I was super weak with Lyme disease and I was just in a bad place physically, emotionally mentally, & spiritually . I knew if I wanted to get strong in all those areas, Nick was a person to go to and he really help me transform my life and my body. I’m definitely a different person because of him!”

Gina Valles

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